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HELIK Psychological Examination

HELIK Psychological Services

HELIK Psychological Services is an application of the specialised knowledge of experienced psychologists to solve problems related to human behaviour. Our psychologists work at multiple levels: directly with the individual, individual's part of functional or dysfunctional groups, or in an organisation system as a whole.

  • HELIK Forensic Psychological Services
    • Psychological profiling: A holistic study of a person and his bio-psycho-social background and can be used for cases of malingering, psychological and neuropsychological impairments.
    • Polygraph Examinations: Measuring physiological changes to rule out whether an individual is deceiving or being truthful.
    • Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Profiling: A scientific technique that analyses the electrical activation related to the presence of Experiential Knowledge which is the memory acquired by an individual by participating in an event.
    • Criminal profiling: A process of developing profile of an individual who has committed an offence based on the behavioral manifestation reflected in a crime scene.
    • Victim & witness counseling: Designed especially for rape victims and minors, whereby counseling services are provided to them to recover from the traumatic incidents.
    • Psychological Autopsy : Conducted specifically in cases wherein it is difficult to ascertain suicide or homicide, Helps in reconstruction of individual's state of mind before his/her death.

      Note: Our expert opinion is admissible under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act by all the Courts of India.

  • HELIK Educational and Career related Psychological Services
    • Career Guidance and counseling programs
    • Individual counseling programs to help individuals deal with various issues pertaining to behaviour, attitudes, stress management, relationships, study skills etc.
    • Life Skills Program inculcates abilities for adaptive and
      positive behaviour. ]
    • Workshops for teachers, parents, children on various issues pertaining to stress, anxiety, development etc.
    • Dermatoglyphics Multiple intelligence Test (DMIT) is a test to assess innate potentials of individuals from their fingerprints DMIT is based on the Multiple intelligence Theory of Gardner(1983)
    • SWOT Analysis

  • HELIK Organisational and work related Psychological Services
    • Employee Assistance programs help employees deal with personal & professional issues adversely impacting work performance, health and well being.
    • Employee training and development programs to make the attitude of continuing education an ongoing responsibility.
    • Competency Mapping to identify and describe competencies and skills related to success at work.

  • HELIK Counseling Services
    • Client Counseling services
    • Psychotherapy for treating psychological disturbances

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