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HELIK Fingerprinting Examination

HELIK Fingerprinting Examination

A fingerprint is an impression of the friction ridges found on the inner surface of a finger or a thumb. The science of fingerprinting is considered as an infallible means to identify a human being.

  • It is a widely accepted fact that these patterns and details are unique & never repeated
  • These ridges develop on the foetus in their definitive form before birth
  • Ridges remain throughout the lifespan of an individual except for permanent scarring
  • These patterns vary within limits which allow for classification

Fingerprinting has been one of civilisation's greatest developments, and its accuracy in attesting an individual's identification cannot
be disputed.

  • HELIK fingerprint services
    HELIK provides an extensive range of fingerprint services to individuals, private organisations and government agencies at the crime scene and in the laboratory
    For companies and individuals
    • Digital and Manual Fingerprinting
    • FBI Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Passport Photo Services
    • Immigration and Foreign Travel Visas
    • Adoptions
    • All other non-criminal purposes
    HELIK also offers Fingerprint Database Management for companies, hospitals, banks, insurance etc.

  • For legal purposes
    • Identify chance and latent fingerprints, lifting, development and preservation of fingerprints
    • Fingerprints comparison
    • Fingerprint Crime Scene Investigation Services
    • A detailed expert report with evidence & photographs of exhibits
    • Expert Witness testimony for Fingerprint Analysis during
      court proceedings
    • Case review & evidence assessment
    • Fingerprint Analysis services for discrepancies for lawyers

  • For Government bodies
    • Specialised services for Disaster Management agencies
    • Other government bodies where fingerprint is a part of identification process
    • Facility - Our facility is equipped with both manual and mobile digital fingerprint detection technology done by qualified experts allowing foolproof fingerprint acquisition
    • Quality and Expertise - HELIK fingerprint services are delivered by experienced and expert practitioners
    • Comprehensive, Timely and Robust - Our fingerprint services are designed to meet the requirements of our customers, including reporting, rapid delivery of results or easy access.
    • Fingerprint Location and Recovery - Our staff is competent in the use of all standard detection techniques and special techniques at crime scenes as well as in our laboratories. In addition our expert photographers ensure that the best possible images of marks are available
    • Comparison - Comparison of finger and palm marks is undertaken by expert examiners who can effectively operate automated fingerprint identification systems.

We have assisted Banks, Insurance Companies, Corporate Houses and individuals in various non-legal and legal fingerprinting cases, which were highly appreciated and acknowledged.

Note: Our expert opinion is admissible under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act by all the Courts of India.

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