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Helik's Forensic Experts

In forensic every case is different in itself and bring out some new developments in terms of techniques or method to establish the truth, and that's the USP of HELIK, a hard core in-house team of practicing forensic experts, psychologists, handwriting analysts, who have years of hands-on-experience on actual case works and handle variety of crime cases on a day to day basis and trained and worked in Government Forensic Science Labs, Maharashtra.

Dr. (Mrs.) Rukmani Krishnamurthy
Chairperson & CEO - HELIK Advisory Ltd

Academic counsel member of Gujarat Forensic Science University, Ex. Technical Advisor, Institute of Forensic Science, Govt. of Maharashtra Ex-director, Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories, Govt. of Maharashtra, Ex. Senate Member Mumbai University,

Dr. Rukmani Krishnamurthy an eminent and renowned forensic scientist and the key founder member of HELIK, is an analytical thinker, an individual driven by ethical values and a perfect blend of democratic and delegate leader. Her vision and dream was to bring forensic science and its application for the common man. She transferred her experience of over 35 years in the field of forensic science for the benefit of a common man for a crime free society.

During her tenure, she has brought about radical changes in Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory, Govt. of Maharashtra by Modernizing six world class FSL and creating two new Regional labs at Nasik in 2004, and Amravati in 2008.

For her meritorious work in the field of forensic science she has been accorded with 8 National awards including "The Best Director Award" from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

She established 21 Mobile Forensic Labs at district level for better Crime Scene Management, established new techniques like DNA, Cyber Forensic, Speaker Identification, Tape Authentication, Lie Detection, Narco-analysis, Brain Signature Profiling, and Forensic Clinical Toxicology, to counter the latest Techno-Crime in Mumbai. She was a member of, (a) Forensic Science Consultancy Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi (b) Union Home Secretary's Committee on Development of Forensic Science Services in India. (c) Panel of External Expert Review on Analytical Chemistry Division, BARC, Govt. of India, Mumbai (d)Expert member for the National level Procedural Manual for explosives, Narcotics Drugs, Petroleum Products, Toxicology etc.

She visited various countries like US, UK ,France, Singapore, Hong Kong and China and has brought in the best practices of forensic science of different countries to India. She has delivered invited lectures at various International Conferences and also organized eight National Workshop for High court Judges. She has given number of invited talk at National Institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, National Institute of Forensic Science and Criminology, National Security Guard, GOI. National Chemical Labs, College of Military Engineering.

Dr. Rukmani Krishnamurthy established three Institute of Forensic Science, Higher and Technical Education Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra, at Mumbai, Aurangabad and Nagpur .For the first time in the country board of studies of Forensic Science at Mumbai and Aurangabad University has been established and She is the Conveyer for the board of studies of Forensic Science.

Recently she has given invited talks at fifteen National and International conferences about preventive and social forensics, latest technology like Nano-Forensics, Nuclear Forensics, Legal aspects of sexual behavior, Crime scene management etc.

She is an expert invitee in the interview panel of Union Public Service Commission. She is also an invited member in the procedure manual of Directorate of Forensic Science Services Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

She was the chairman of the two day National Forensic Science Conference 2012 organized by Institute of Forensic Science, Govt. of Maharashtra where 800 participants took active part in the deliberations.

She has been the coordinator for the Maharashtra Judicial Academy and formulated orientation courses in forensic science for the District and Session court judges of Maharashtra for the first time in the country.

She has written books on "Introduction to Forensic Science in Crime Investigation with emphasis on Crime Scene Management" and "Forensic Biology". She has more than 100 research papers in National and International Journals to her credit. She has given her expert comments to all the leading newspapers on major forensic related crime cases. She also has been writing articles for leading newspapers and magazines and has been giving interviews in national channels to educate and spread awareness about forensic science amongst the common man.

She did her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (Chromatographic Analysis of Narcotic Drugs) from Mumbai University in 1997, post that did her MBA (HR). She got a united National Fellowship for studies in Narcotic Drugs in Biological fluids.

Dr. Rukmani Krishnamurthy was Invited to give a talk on the changing face of Forensic and utilization of latest techniques to counter Hi-Tech crimes at seminar on Fraud Next Generation at Holiday -In Mumbai for corporate organizations.

Dr. Rukmani Krishnamurthy was Invited to give a talk on role of forensic in countering the Crime against women and child at the Crime against women and child conference at Sangali, by Shri R. R. Patil ,home minister Govt. of Maharashtra.



Experts at Helik

Department Name Designation


Dr. (Mrs.) Rukmani Krishnamurthy

Academic council member Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

Ex. Director, Directorate of Forensic Science Labs, Home Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra

Ex. Technical Advisor, IFS, Govt. of Maharashtra,

Ex. Senate member, Mumbai University



Mr. Rushank Shah

CEO, Mumbai

Mr. Khilen Shah

Director, Mumbai

Mrs. Meha Shah

Vice President, Mumbai

Mr. S.B Jawale

Ex. Assist Director Directorate of Forensic Science Labs, Home Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra

Forensic expert, Mumbai Branch

Mr. Prakash Y. Bhonsle

Ex. Assist Director, Regional. Forensic Science Lab, Pune, Govt. of Maharashtra

Forensic expert, Pune Branch

Dr. B.D Mali

Ex. Assist Director, Regional. Forensic Science Lab, Aurangabad, Govt. of Maharashtra

Forensic expert, Aurangabad Branch

Business and Marketing Department

Ms. Falguni Mehta


Accounts Department

Ms. Ashwini Borhade

Accounts Executive


Mr. B.S Biradar

State Examiner of Documents

Maharashtra State C.I.D. (retd.)


Mr. J.S. Landge

Addl Chief State Examiner of Documents CID MS Mumbai (Retd.)

34 Years of Exp as Handwriting Expert


Ms. Sukanya Parande

MSc Forensic Science, GFSU.

Jr. Scientist


Ms. Deepti Puranik

Pursuing PhD, MA Psychology

PG diploma In counseling and therapy ,

12 years of experience in Field of psychology (inclusive of 7 years experience in FSL, Govt. of Maharashtra , Mumbai)

Asst. Director

Ms. Mrinmayee Kale

MSc Forensic Science

Diploma in Forensic Science

Certificate Course in Crime Reporting

Jr. Scientist

Pradnya Mohite

MA Psychology, Pursuing PhD

Total experience 4 years (Inclusive of 2 years in FSL)

Consultant Psychologist

Ms. Gitali Chatterjee

MA Counseling & Forensic Psychology

Experience: 3 Years (Worked 10 months in FSL as officer

Consultant Psychologist

Ms. Gauri Karkhanis

MA Clinical & Social, Pursuing PhD

Experience: 5 years

Consultant Psychologist

Ms. Prajakta Ranade

MA. Clinical Psychology

2 Years experience

Consultant Psychologist

Ms. Amuda Agneswaran

MA Forensic Psychology

Consultant Psychologist


Mrs. Seema Naladkar

MSc. Information Technology

5.5 Years of Exp (Inclusive of 4 years in Institute of Forensic Science, Govt. of Maharashtra, Mumbai)

Sr. Scientist

Mr. Amey Churi

B. E. Electronic

7 years experience (inclusive of 5 years in FSL Govt. of Maharashtra , Mumbai)

Sr. Scientist

Mr. Manish Surve

M.Sc in Digital and Cyber Forensics and IT Security

1.5 Years of Exp (Inclusive of 1 years in Institute of Forensic Science, Govt. of Maharashtra, Mumbai)

Jr. Scientist

Mr. Vighnesh Ramasubramaniun

B. E. Information Technology

1 year Experience in Digital and Cyber Forensics

Jr. Scientist

Mr. Ramaswamy Ramachandran

M.S. Information Systems

New Jersey Institute of Technology

5 years of experience in Network management & security at various organizations such as NJIT, United State etc.

Sr. Cyber Consultant

Mr. Sunil Koli

B. E. (Information Technology)

5 years experience in FSL Govt. of Maharashtra , Mumbai.